At Karnkendi, we offer an educational program of Australian history and heritage. Utilising the performing arts, the program comprises a live music performance followed by a screening of one of our three film docudramas, plus activities. Dependant on availability of school bus, tours also available. The program costs $25 per person.

The Wreck of The Admella

August 1859 and the steamship Admella finds herself broken in three upon the Carpenters reef in the notorious wild seas of south east South Australia. Never before and never since, has maratime history recorded such a saga of human suffering, as survivors endured battering monster seas and deprivation of food and water for more than a week as rescue attempts were continually foiled. This documentary educates and entertains as those most passionate about the event today, share their knowledge and enthusiasm for an ordeal which will leave you astounded.

'Old Mary's Ride'

He was a well known and kindly man.

Old Mary was a famous car.

The questions were asked;

Is he alive? Where's the car?

Does Peggy know?

What about the wedding? Was the vet drunk?

It was a day in 1936 when the whole of Australia turned their attention to Mt Gambier. It was a dramatic incident that had everyone talking; had everyone waiting anxiously!

From the makers of the film 'The Wreck of the Admella', comes the fascinating docudrama of 'Old Mary's Ride', the true account of the adventures of John Dutton and his '27 Vauxhall sports car.

'Rider and Writer'

The Life of Lindsay

Probably the most controversial character from our past, Adam Lindsay Gordon.

His name has been battered and maligned, yet hero-ised and adored.

A man who wrote poetry from the heart, rode recklessly on a horse

and captured hearts around the world with his words.